Pathfinder Battles Premium Figures (Wave 1) Review – WizKids Prepainted Minis

Review of WizKids’ Pathfinder Battles Premium Miniatures, prepainted versions of Deep Cuts minis. Click “Show More” for timestamps, corrections, and other links.
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Special thanks to @WizKidsGames and @The Crafting Muse for sending us this preview copy.

0:00 Introduction
0:41 A look at the new packaging
1:06 Human Male Cleric
1:32 Half-Elf Male Ranger
2:03 Half-Orc Male Barbarian
2:30 Elf Male Fighter
2:58 Human Female Rogue
3:19 Human Male Rogue
3:41 Lineup of all figures from this wave and the figures on a battle map built from WarLock Tiles: Town and Village I and Dwarven Forge’s Dreadhollow Forest terrain for scale
4:14 Conclusions
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List of all WizKids unpainted minis:
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  1. Still running 1E playing through Skulls and Shackles. As such I’d love to see more pirates and sailor minis. And as I play a Ratfolk Gunslinger I’d love to to a mini for that class/race combo.

  2. Nice video. I can see everything well, and it never got boring. I did notice that some of the minis were bent a little (like the elf’s sword). It makes me curious how well these minis take mold corrections, like put the mini in hot water, then cold water.

  3. Great review, Theo, as usual 🙂

    The kneeling pose is ok for a rogue, I guess, but I’d rather have it as a secondary mini for when my character is sneaking, or something like that. As a main pose… eeeh, doesn’t work that well for me.

    But what are the two figures on each side of the minis? A goblin and a little dragon? They are so cute! Please do tell!

    Keep up the good work guys!

  4. Wow these are awesome. As someone who doesn't have a lot of extra time to paint, it's exciting seeing these "prepainted minis" by Wizkids getting better and better with each wave! Wonderful review as always!

  5. The unpainted version of the half orc was badly scaled and appeared really small next to other minis. I hope this set fixed it, it looks like it from the video. Anyways great vid as always!

  6. That Half-Elf Ranger mini is straight-up sexy, I want it. Like, even just to look at. And I like the kneeling rogue as well, like he's setting up for Sneak Attack. So many, many d6…

    As for unpainted minis I'd like to see as a prepainted figure, I forget if it's for D&D or Pathfinder, but I remember seeing a weretiger mini all geared up like a ranger, I think? A number of the previous prepainted werepeople minis were distinctly… not geared up as it were, and while I can appreciate that, a weretiger mini all properly kitted out for an adventure would be greatly appreciated, easily useable as a Tabaxi. Or a rakshasa bumming it out with the mere mortals.

    Thank you for another great review. Let's get this channel to 10k subs!

  7. This is the first time I’ve seen a premium paint job for a miniature I painted beforehand, and I’ve gotta say I like my paint job a lot better.

  8. Although I have never played Pathfinder I always enjoy your reviews on their products and often prefer their miniatures to their D&D counterparts ( especially Pathfinder goblins, I'm in love with them!!!).

    I do like rouge poses where they are kneeling down where it appears they are skulking around looking for an opportunity to swipe a precious item or place a sharpe blade between the second and third rib!

    I hope you and Grady are doing well, thanks for both of your constant hard work my friends!

    I do have a question since I am not active on the social media sites you always mention, have you guys considered making a discord page?

  9. I prefer to paint my characters, but I see a real use for these as NPC's. The kneeling one just seems wrong. Requires too much suspension of belief in a fight.

  10. When I'm trying to work and my phone pings and i see a new Gallant Goblin vid I've have to excuse myself for a few minutes. Loving the look of these ones currently have some of these sculpted but unpainted I may have to copy the paint scheme from these. Thanks for all the content you guys work hard to bring us all.

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