Phyno so far so good lyrics

Enjoy the flick..


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  1. After years I still love the song, I usually come for lyrics but guess what! I don't understand a single word written exept for the English words ofcoz….I know am not along though

  2. Ibuiwo Putara Rise faster Eddi oh Manama Onyeoma Nsuda oo so far so good ahh Err ❤️everyone say onyeoma mu oh mar chelle ooo 2 much Eoo doru zone Uwa igirweir Amailelr giving the life

  3. Ooh ehh Oo ehh ha So far so good I dey thx god everyday say omenuko chai Odogwu Akata Chinkey oo imera ahh Ehhh weY Akukumo Uea Chuba Ogbajjro ogozrir Igirig Nke so far so good 😊 oo Eewirogo Ahh so far so good schism odgo Narekele Iywre Ibubi Wmaamob

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