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Sit back and enjoy as the Jazzy Toons bring to life The Mother Goose Jazz Band’s ( fun original composition “Pop Goes the Weasel”. The Jazzy Toons – Kids Songs and Nursery Rhymes channel is devoted to bringing high quality music videos’ for kids to watch, dance and sing along with. Our YouTube channel is the perfect place to go for amazing free kids music and nursery rhymes for children. If you’re looking for fun kids songs to sing along too, kids dance music, toddler music videos, or just some quiet nursery rhymes for babies; this is the place! Children’s songs and baby songs lyrics can tend to be very repetitive and difficult for parents to tolerate at the frequency that young children desire. This nursery rhymes youtube channel is intended to give parents access to high quality songs for kids both they and their children can enjoy together. Parents will love the nurturing and educational experience these children songs provide their children.

The Mother Goose Jazz band has been creating high quality music for kids since 1981. Josh Greenberg and co-writer Bill Vitek conceived of the idea of mixing traditional children’s songs with the playful sounds of Jazz. The result was three albums of very high quality childrens music that is appealing to the most sophisticated of musical tastes.

Their albums have won awards from The American Library Association, Parent’s Guide to Children’s Media, Oppenheim Best Audio, Critics’ Choice Award from Family Life Magazine, and were Amazon.com’s #1 Emerging Artist release for Children’s Music and Jazz in 2000.

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Produced by: Throw3 Productions LLC

Animatics: REXRAM Media

Animation Production by: Jabimation Inc. (

Director: Jordan Blit
Background Art: Chris Slavin
Contributing Animator: Lucas Savarese

Pop Goes the Weasel:
Author: Public Domain
Arrangement : Josh Greenberg/Bill Vitek
Lead Vocal: Joe Vasco
Soprano Sax: Josh Greenberg
Clarinet: Scott Andrews
Piano: Bill Vitek
Bass: Ed Tourge
Drums: Dave Durocher
Percussion: John Wittmann

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