Psquare Rudeboy WARN Davido | Naira Marley & Omah Lay | Dj Cuppy Boyfriend

Psquare Rudeboy Insult Davido | Naira Marley & Omah Lay | Dj Cuppy Boyfriend. #psquare #davido #nairamarley

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  1. The industry is always give David hate but David is a nice guy even thought he may not be the best in the industry but he has a good personality which left me personally with no options but to like him

  2. I think it's time we leave the brothers alone let them fight when they are tired they will rest cuz the more we beg the more they keep fighting

  3. DJ cuppy been sleeping with Tecno when she was dating asa asika as she always come to techno house in lekki to recieve better knacking and when it got leahed she couldnt deny it, that means Tecno really have a big cucumber

  4. Rudeboy is acting childish even if you having issues with your twin bro its just a birthday wish she meant no harm rudeboy should grow up

  5. In the end the details are not known about everything of the party. DAVIDO was WRONG. You can't say pussy, nigga and say it's not harmful.
    You can come from a good place and still cause more problems. He should either have rewarded it from a more restrained manner or not mentioned it at all.

  6. Someone like Davido can not mind his business that's why is the biggest in the Nigerian music industry, people think is when you have money that's make you something, Rudeboy got the message wrong he should apologize to Davido, I am a fan of rudeboy and Davido

  7. Rudeboy never blasted Davido, he only passed a message that every human with common sense will understand and mind their business.

  8. I think Davido is not happy about the issue das why he's trying to make he's talk about it but if di person said stay out brother sud stay out meen God will definitely sort issue.

  9. I think that rude boy should be grateful for people’s interest in his relationship with his twin brother. Rude boy should not start any beef with our davido at all ooo .

  10. Davido calls those that attended p square birthday separately pussies. Those attendees shouldn’t have attended such twin separated birthdays in the first place cuz that
    Means they encourage such separation. I believe this is what davido word expression indicates.

  11. P square come back, stop abusing davido, we are ya fans, we dont like u without ya brother and we dont like ya brother without you

  12. I don't see any problem with what Paul answer to Davido as he has called his family n friends pussy,, davido simply did not use the right words

  13. The level and audacity Davido has to comment on rudeboy's friend and family is the same audacity rude boy has to bring his issues on social media and blast people and especially his twin brother's wife. These celebrities have to be careful and who do they think they are that they feel they can talk about others and no one can talk about them. Hey! Rude boy, the world does not revolve around you; expect more gbas gbos on social media or you quit. Davido himself, his friends and family has been talked about on so many different occasion yet he only FEM them up in songs or interviews. I can see what your brother's wife is going through in your hand…tell me how can she approach you indoors when she gets fired for celebrating you and your brother on social media. As you can see that couple have learnt from their mistakes and has not responded to your outburst in 2020 when reasonable have learnt to bridge gaps and not build concrete walls of separation. If this gets to you, I won't be surprise you launch your trademark of rudeness after me; it won't hurt me because you will still be appreciated for been human though immature. 2020 is already too noisy despite lockdown, we don't need anyone barking except for those who will SORO SOKE on our behalf. If you cannot make us happy by making up, don't make us sad by making noise. Life is too short and it does not revolve around you.

  14. What ever that's going with the brothers is not any of our business and meanwhile family will always be family so don't put your mouth in there business

  15. Davido's message can be easily interpreted….just that he shouldn't have used abusive words. So Na wetin make Paul halla heyyyy! There's a Rude boy in the family . Although he understands the message Davido was trying to send.

  16. If Rude Boy love my family so much it will make up with a brother that is what I was saying Rude Boy Martha fall Davido for Davido you are so mad you where you talk to people no one is your meat

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