Pulse Facts Only: Can Davido make quality albums? [Davido, ABT Review]

Davido’s fourth body of work ‘A Better Time’ released on the 14th of November 2020 is a follow up of his second album, ‘A Good Time.’

On this episode of #Pulsefactsonly Motolani analyses different songs on the album with features from Lilbaby Chris Brown Nicki Minaj, Mayourkun, Sho madjozi, and lots more.

Can Davido make quality albums? find out more in the video.

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  1. Tbvh, I don't know how you do your ratings
    I'm 💯 percent sure you don't even have a clue of wtf you saying
    TAT was a quality album
    MIL was a quality album
    ABT is a quality album
    All what you're saying is your own glory

  2. Bro you’re clueless with your remarks! Ur opinions are just ur own imaginations fr! That album is (A Better Time) is David’s greatest album yet! Y’all need a life smh

  3. If it's not osagie.. I don't want to listen…

    An album that top chart in 11 countries.. and made 💯 million streams in 3 days .. is not a good album .. are u insane !!!

  4. Music is very subjective. We all experience albums differently. Your review is also subjective. Also appreciate that apart from the creative process of the artist, the consumers also matter. Davido showed from #ABT that the consumers come first. The album is pretty versatile and has something for everyone. From a child to an aged person, from a drop out to a professor. At the end of the day, music is for the streets and not for some award reviewers in some pristine towers. Kudos to all Nigerian creatives making us proud.

  5. Thanks 😊👍 you 💖😊👍 brother, David isn't a songwriter, he can composed, the family buy him songs, Hit or not Hit, talk of better people,

  6. Can we have more topics that include or just touch on artists that are female in the game? Doesn’t have to be about being a female artist but seems the topics always center around the same 5 artists.

  7. Motolani spoke with so much clarity ,knowledge ,and insight as he explored certain fundamental questions on making an album.Thank you for being so authentic in a world of superficialities.

  8. The only thing I agree with is AGT had a lot of time left in it. ABT came too soon. When people look back at this album 10 years from now with Davido on tour you will realise that he is the greatest cos Davido's music will live forever. People will forget most of those songs on Wizkid and Burna boys albums in 3 months but Davido's songs will keep playing.

  9. When I said that this new guy that is doing this fact only, that osagie alonge introduced to pulse tv is and idiot nobody believed me,u all can see for urself nah,osagie was the man is the best presenter that this useless channel have ever produced the way he talks is so matured and he's not sentimental, but this idiot nah anything wey enter him mouth he dey talk,a Album that streamed 100 millions in 3 days, is not good enough, u are a wizkid fan and a big moron that's what u are #fact only

  10. Of course he can. Davido has found a sound and style that suits him that even with his features they accommodate to his style. Which is a testament to his artistry…true or correct?

  11. This is a SANE review. FACTS ONLY!!!! Davido can roll out as many hits as he likes but making an album is not as easy as dropping hit singles. Motolani you dey wise.

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