Real Madrid vs. Liverpool: Extended Highlights | UCL on CBS Sports

Real Madrid vs. Liverpool: Extended Highlights | UCL on CBS Sports

What is it about Madrid and this competition? Missing a couple of key players, no problem. They outclassed Liverpool from start to finish and truth be told they could take more than their 3-1 advantage to Anfield next week, such was the gulf in class between the sides. Brilliant, brilliant work from Zidane and his boys.

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  1. As a Chelsea fan I feel like all the criticism towards arnold is unnecessary. Klopp is the one that gives him barely any defensive duties and tried to exploit that side of madrid by out numbering and arnold always had to rush back in position to defend. He was giving an attacking role for majority of the game and it back fired bad on Klopp.

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  3. KFC defenders hopeless.. not chemistry whatsoever. VVD was the gem now they are just lost. Not a Liverpool fan rant all you want. Love seeing them get thrash 😅😂

  4. I’m Barcelona all the way, but what a great game real madrid had today! the 3 goals were really cool
    Vinicius jr is getting better and better, the way he controlled the ball for the 1rst goal wow!

    Real Madrid looking strong I say they are in semis already, well done!

    (I know Barcelona aren’t doing good in champions league for several seasons already wich sucks 😥)

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