Religion Crises | Davido and Zubby Michael | Bella shmurda

Religion Crises | Davido and Zubby Michael | Bella shmurda #davido #zubbymichael #bellashmurda

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  1. Hello Adams link. First of all, christianity is not a white man religion? They never started or created christianity. Christianity started with the Apostles of Christ when holy spirit came upon them in Jerusalem. Paul spread that christianity to italy, Europe. He died in Rome. Roman got converted spread it all over the world. So let's stop saying is white men religion. The Apostles were not whites they were jews

  2. Mum you be very very very stupid. The fact that you want to forget your tradition that is why you are sounding like an empty vessel. Get help before it's too late shaw.

  3. Oga which one is the word of God. I call it words of white men. Do you know how the bible even come to existence, it was based on arguments, research and debates by white men. We should have our own religion. Our religion or tradition should be reframed. Are chinese or indians doing the so called Christianity? Does that mean they don't have value or they aren't respectful or don't know the difference between good and wrong?
    I stumbled upon videos of white man practicing our culture countries like Brasil and others, I was amazed and wondering why we throw away our culture and belief.
    For a country to grow i belief in Zionism, and Zionism for me means having one culture and belief. In my place, we call God "ELEDUMARE" and we know how to summon Him with talking drums and other power instruments.
    Please Africans let's be guided.

  4. I dont give religione chance, tribes and religione is the problem in this world…..let pratise love and care it Will bring peace in the world

  5. I like what Bella said , i agree with him . I have said this b4 , i live abroad and i see what they do to the blacks and talking about English they dnt speak , it's only countries like UK , America and few other countries speak English otherwise no english

  6. Discipline your children, and they will give you peace; they will bring you the delights you desire.—Proverbs 29:17 (NIV)

  7. This guy some scriptures has been removed from the Bible even recently some have been twisted do your research they are tampering with Bible Chinese now are coming out with their Bible filled with fucking communist

  8. Flogging and shouting would help oh,it grace of God and understanding to train up kid's, children that was flog those did them no join cultist and bad gang now treating children in cool peaceful manner help it all

  9. when you speak your language some people with set you are very Local all then we said you are not educated that is Africa for you😏

  10. Nice job, but just want to correct something in a way people should understand it more. English is a secondary language, whatever language your parents speaks is your first language. And English is our second language.

  11. The Europeans fooled us. Russians produced every technology in Russian language and Chinese in Chinese language. I agree with him.

  12. Yesterday I flog my daughter, for always going to one of my male neighbor house and seat comfortably on his leg, today I was told that she avoid the neighbor even when he tried calling her, this is the same girl we have been talking for about two weeks concerning this neighbor she won't listen until yesterday….so for me if floging kids just bring my daughter to her sense, I think it's good, but not for every little thing

  13. When the king arrived area go shake welcome to Anambra state davido the king of afrobeat 👑🤴🦁💖💖💖💝💝💝💝

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