Rema – Bad Commando A COLORS SHOW (REACTION)

#Rema #BadCommando #AColorsShow #Reaction

Today we check out Rema – Bad Commando A COLORS SHOW!
Did Rema bring the heat?
Let’s find out together!

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  1. Aight so, lol, I looked up Dumebi, the Video was soft, something that reminded me of myself down to the way I dressed at that age 😂
    So, did some more digging and actually stumbled on some🔥 shit. For starters here's the video
    But I suggest you save it for a reaction video. Basically, Afro Dance channel seems like a young group of African dancers dancing in their latest trend and having a good time, the result is how I said🔥. Inspired by your dance week, here's a better way for you to showcase Rema's song on your channel for your reaction. Gonna look into this Afro Dance channel a bit more and send you one to watch as an example if you want.

  2. Aight Los, looks like they ain't up on the Rema yet. Dumebi, is a way better song by him, but I mentioned this one cuz it's the one I feel shows his voice best.

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