Rendezvous with Simi Garewal Amitabh Bachchan & Jaya – 1998

They are Bollywood’s most celebrated star couple.
In an ephemeral world, their on screen magic, their lives together, continue to interest millions.
This was the silver jubilee year of their marriage! I had to know what these 25 years were like together!
It was a wonderful rendezvous with both Amitabh & Jaya Bachchan


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  1. Simi Garewal is just amazing! The way she speaks, her voice, the poise she got within herself is just unmatchable. Very nice way of asking tough questions to her guests and making them feel the vibe. No wonder every guest in the show seemed so real and comfortable while going through their life journey verbally!
    Love for you Ma'am!
    From Chittagong, Bangladesh ❤!

  2. Amitabh seems like acting all the time. He should be more real and stop over acting. He looks very fake to me in interviews. I love his acting, no doubt about that.

  3. The talent Simi mam has got, others have to lean from her so much. Still they will be faaar behind. It’s classy and not easy to conduct like Simi mam. She is an angel 👍🏻🧡😀👑

  4. Amitabh jee n Jaya jee r the tower personalities of their respected fields. A god gifted golden coin of happy conjugal life. Amitabh jee n Jaya jee r famous public figures. So that they r very conscious to maintain their good image n personalities. Simi jee also one of the tower personality of her own respected field. She is so beautiful n renowned anchor. I would like to salute her politeness n good looking personality. Very important dialogue n presentation. May i have an opportunity to salute respected Amitabh jee n Jaya jee. Love u all very much n all the best. Very nice video. Thanks.

  5. Sorry but this shows why jayaji has become so frustrated now. This marriage seems like a very toxic one. Their marriage seems forced i think.

  6. OMG, there are a hell lot of a "cringe" moments in this interview. I feel little bad yet so proud of Simi ji, for being able to smartly maneuver through this couple's discomfort. Hats Off Simiji

  7. Amitabh sounds toxic in this interview because he and Jaya also were going through a very tough time in those days. Investors were threatening, knocking his door after ABCL debacle, his films were not doing well and media was also not kind to him. There was a debt of Rs 90 Crore & he was still fighting court cases in Bofors scandal.Read his blog and news report published in Outlook

    “There were allegations against my family and me in the Bofors Scandal… For years we were grilled, declared traitors, abused and humiliated by the hour for several years… When it became unbearable, we moved Court in the United Kingdom – for the requirement of speedy Justice .. We moved against a UK paper and won…," he said, adding while he suffered, those who accused him never faced anything. The actor said it took 25 years for him to know that his name was planted in the scandal.
    He wrote in bold letters which was published in PTI.
    So anyone can understand why he sounds like an angry man.

  8. Wow I didn't know big B spoke English so well I I'm big fan of his wish I could watch all his films but it's so hard to find with subtitles lol

  9. After watching silsila….Jaya ji bahot achhi aur hamare mom pa k zamaane ki pure and sati lady h itni badi actress hote hue bhi ek Hindustani lady jo purane zamane me Bolte the na pati ka ijjat krna…vo sab h aur uske samne uska husb galate hue bhi vo sath khadi h… Luv u jayaji…..aapke Jese to ham log 90s vaale bhi nai ban sakte…u r very.pure apki vajese Amit ji Zinda he..agar husb k upar gussa bhi ka rrhi he to b usme ek respect h

  10. their interview just looks like the movie they did abhiman .. ohh godd .. no love for each other .. nothing dominant loveless marriage .. i pitty jaya .. bubbly girl she was and a perfect wife . that why i think he choose her .. i mean what she was conservative and traditional what ?? rekha was not thats why ??

  11. Rekha definitely dodged a bullet. Amitabh is a terrible person. What a sh*t personality. No wonder jaya is soo pissed of and angry all the time nowadays. Amitabh has eaten her brain. Rekha got very lucky by not becoming his wife. Amitabh is so overrated, I never understood why people liked him. He is NOT attractive and a mediocre actor. In my eyes he is an absolute characterless loser.

  12. Indian masses have revolted. We will boycott you to no end. Down with Dhoni!!! Down with cricket team! Not a single request for CBI inquiry for SSR. Down with Zoya & Farhan Akhtar, Javed Akhtar, Shabans Azmi for supporting the influential criminals guilty of murdering a national treasure, an icon, a legend, Sushant Singh Rajput. You chose to side with the oppressor and the murderers. We will remember where you stand on this. It is NOT a witch hunt or a media trial as you would like to portray on your fictional narrative. It’s but the opposite. If this was Farhan hanging from the ceiling fan, would you claim the same position?!Hypocrisy! All Bollywood celebrities have shown their true colors…Bachan family, Akshay Kumar, Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh, Kareena Kapoor; not one word requesting inquiry into a murdered legend, SSR. Complete boycott of Bollywood, do not click on any of their videos, do not view, do not comment, do not like or dislike. We, the Indian masses will not be silenced or distracted or fooled by Rhea, Pithani, Pancholi, Khan, Sanjay Raut, Shiv Sena, Baby Penguin, Mumbai Police. Indians, all over the world have their eyes on Republic TV, Ujjwal Trivedi, Ishkaran Bhandari, the Supreme Court of India and CBI. Maharashtra Govt and Mumbai police are involved and protecting the true criminals. They have reasons to cover up the murder of a legend. All their actions and mishandling of the case are evidence enough of their guilt. Shameful that major Indian media channels are still not giving SSR the fair share of coverage. They’re scared…just like the Bollywood celebrities. If SSR fails to get justice, the common man of India will have no shot at justice ever again. #Justice4SSR #CBIForSSR #GlobalPrayers4SSR #BoycottBollywood #SCMonitoredCBIForSSR

  13. A lot of men consider themselves as better fathers than husbands. I think it’s just a testament to the extra factors that play a role in being a husband than in fatherhood. I have not seen one interview – Hollywood or bollywood, where the celebrity rated himself as a better husband.

  14. “That’s because I am a husband, I am meant to criticise you” – AB when Jaya says that he always criticises her. Sometimes I can’t believe he’s the same Amitabh Bachchan who I used to watch and admire on KBC show for his humility and non-arrogance..down to earth attitude and polite mannerisms. It was so normal to say such things back then without facing a backlash. I bet if AB talks and behaves like that now in any talk show people wouldn’t have it.

  15. He really wished Abhishek to be more successful than him.. But he's a lovely father. He is happy with what Abhishek is now

  16. I wish all husbands would be gentlemanly enough to befriend at least the most important person that makes maintains nurtures not just the family but makes a house a "home". But sad to see so many men just being soo chauvinistic.

  17. Really fabulous way of making the interview as per the inquires that she asked that time. I really have an audacity to praise a lot of fantabulous stars within bollywood.

  18. Scrolling comments….
    Everyone of you knows how awkward this interview might have for them and for Simi of course.
    I have several times watched Rendezvous with Simi but this is the first episode I watched it fully…. And really can't express how deeply I felt the emotions they are neither trying to hide nor expressing it fully. But , things are becoming crystal clear that this is a loveless marriage and the sufferer is surely Jaya… I have never liked Amitabh Bachchan…. Not because his personality just because I often think he is overrated. Now, I have well known about his personality as well from this interview. Their eyes speak the truth more than their words.
    He has been extremely controlling and dominating male figure and she is just fed up of bearing the burden and still trying to bear it…. Just can't believe it. After 25 yrs of marriage, there is no LOVE.
    They even admitted something about"acting" … Might it about the family life? Who knows… 🤷 They also admitted that the best thing of their marriage is their children.
    And the moment they were ranking and rating each other is really awkward…. Even Simi realised how might have their married life in real?? 🤷

    More power to Jaya…. This lady has really gone through a lot….

  19. Jaya was more talented than Amitabh ever was. He got lucky because he got good directors and screen play . It's a pity that Jaya ended her career prematurely.

  20. Must hv been really difficult fr simi…. this interview…..but what a calm n composed job! I hv always liked jayajis work n she is REAL Sad to see those painful emotions, in her eyes n her body language

  21. Mr bachan obviously everybody is his fan since he's such a megastar but tbh more than amit ji I'm a big fan of jaya ji I mean if you watch Millie, guddi, anamika, and kora kagaz you'd love her acting and will be inspired by her acting

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