Re:Zero ALL OPENINGS 1-3 | Reaction ft. female

Hakeems personal favourite!

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  1. edge of tomorrow is an adaptation of japanese manga "all you need is kill". But if you only want to compare the respawn again ability then rezero came is in 24 jan 2014 and edge of tommorow came in 28 may 2014. But it is not adaptation of rezero it is adaptation of " ALL YOU NEED IS KILL"

  2. "Female"so far is very enjoyable as a part of the reactors and the usual 1 weeb 1 Normies became 2 weebs and 1 normies and i absolutely loved it.

    So her favorite is 2(Demon Slayer & My Hero Academia) of the most Mainstream Shonen Anime out there huh..
    Well just knowing that 2 of those anime are her favorites makes me think she's not a Veteran Anime watcher as of yet but still good choice nonetheless even if sometimes i think MHA and KMY are a little overrated.

  3. the red words at the end of the 3rd op when the main character is running says "if its to save you, I don't care how many times I die"

  4. Konosuba would be a fun one to watch since it came out the same season as rezero and its a completely different take on going to a different world

  5. Hakeem ma man!!!!
    Season 2 will establish Re:Zero as a anime on the rode(wrote it wrong) to be a Masterpiece(once all the novel is adaptated). But yeah, Re:Zero keeps getting better and better in each arc, it's a masterpiece(as of the end of arc 4)

  6. Fantastic anime! I really recommend it, it has amazing character development for all characters introduced, amazing world build making it a very structured and well thought out story, and it has amazing mysteries,fights,dark moments and etc.

  7. I just came here to say that Rem is the best girl, not just from this anime but from all the stories, always has been, and always will be.
    Enjoy your week. Bye!

  8. Season 2 is heartbreaking…
    This anime definitely needs reacting to.. btw you guys should really react to the endings, they're very emotional in my opinion

  9. can you guys do a reaction of the show or even just watch it in your on time its a great anime and i cant recommend it enough

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