Robert the Bruce

King Robert the Bruce is injured and on the run from the English army. On the brink of defeat, a widow and her family nurse him back to health and join The Bruce as he sets out to claim the long-awaited freedom of Scotland.


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  1. I remember watching History Buffs on YouTube and it turnd out that this man is the real hero of Scotland. William Wallace, in reality was more of an opportunist pirate. But Mel made Wallace really cool in the movie.

  2. My great grandmother's maiden name was Robison which means "Son of Rob" and the family history shows I am a direct descendant of Robert the Bruce.

  3. I think this must be a sequel of the movie Braveheart I wonder if they talk about it, the fact that Robert the Bruce turned over William Wallace to be drawn up disemboweled and then quartered and beheaded, and then his head put on a pike on London Bridge which is now in New York ??? So, technically It's never truly left England has it ?? Because we are technically, still owned by and ruled by the English Monarchy. Watch what happens when our President goes to England, he prostrates himself to the Queen of England, and the Gold tassels around the edge of the Washington DC flags prove it. Also, the fact that Washington DC is not in the United States either but in A district of Columbia and not a us state is a dead giveaway also the American B.A.R. assoc. Is The British Accreditation Regency which is a or the Royal Association of Barrister or Solicitor . Which actually in all accounts disqualifies all men and women who belong to it from holding a government job or Presidency due to being a member of another countries private club of Royalty.

  4. Oh my Scottish ancestors must be so proud to have fought so bravely for people to be arrested for making a prank video involving a Pug.

  5. And it's tough to true if Scots won their independence why where they so oppressed.. in the 1700 they didn't win their freedom I know my history

  6. Just goes to prove Hollywood can make excellent movies with plot, emotion and suspense without naked people and vulgarity if they wanted too. Great show.

  7. My initial reaction was to think of this movie as another excuse at glorifying and commercializing violence, but its really worked it's way into my head, fantastic

  8. Scotland still isn't "free"…they still bend the knee to the craggy old queen. Grow a pair Scotland…become your own nation. Oh…and none of that bs European crap either…

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