Roger & Me

Voted Best Documentary of the year by The National Board of Review, The National Society of Film Critics, The New York Film Critics Circle, and the Los Angeles Film Critics Circle, this is a highly personal, wryly humorous look at the closing of several General Motors plants in Flint, Michigan, the hometown of filmmaker Michael Moore (Emmy-nominee for “TV Nation”), which resulted in the elimination of 35,000 jobs. Armed with a razor-sharp wit, compassion and more than a little chutzpah, Moore offers his perceptions of what went wrong in Flint, and chronicles his much-thwarted efforts to meet face-to-face with the big man himself, GM chairman Roger Smith. Michael Moore’s controversial but popular film has been included in numerous 10-Best Lists for 1989. The New York Times describes it as “rollicking… witty… leaving the audience roaring with laughter!” MPAA Rating: R 1989 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.


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  1. After 1945 prosperity came & America had a very strong thriving middle class where everyone got a piece of the pie. The American Dream was obtainable & affordable. Back when the US had real capitalism but after 1963 it changed & slowly went downhill as capitalism eventually was taken over by corporatism which is what we have now. The middle class & the American Dream is dead. The US is becoming a 3rd world country.

  2. I just rewatched this film. Are you going to go back and produce a documentary on the contamination of FLints water system. Please show case how the value of businesses and dropped to Zero.

  3. An important documentary… but I wish he had delved into WHY all this was actually happening. It's not just because Roger Smith was an asshole or because the rich deliberately wanted to screw everyone else (as much as one wants to punch those smug sons of bitches in Flint's country clubs). It's because of bad trade policy. Free trade is good in the long-run…. but if it's not eased into, and not accompanied by retraining programs/job safety nets, it can destabilize and destroy a country. What a disaster.

  4. The prison security guard at 51:18 looks exactly like the security guard from Terminator 2 who gets stabbed in the eye. I guess that guy had another twin.

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