See The Wrong English Nengi Used In A Tweet That Got Fans Talking

Nengi Rebecca Hampson was appointed the Ambassador of The Girl Child by the Anambra State governor, sometime last year.

This was also met with a political appointment, making her an SSA to the governor.

This gave her a lot of congratulations and followings on all her Instagram and Twitter account. Fans were very excited as she seemed okay in everything she went into.

Some days ago, a young girl made two First class honours in 2 Universities and was recognized nationwide. She was in news throughout and everyone appreciated it.

Few hours after that, the state government made her the Face of the Girl Child. This was in a similar position with Nengi and she received a congratulatory message from Nengi.

The note a lot of grammatical errors and unofficial words that were not supposed to be used. While fans were loving brand blindly following the negatives, few people took time to read through and spotted the mistakes in the note.

She used a ‘thru’ instead of ‘through’ which was very unofficial. She said ‘worthy for the honour’ instead of ‘worthy of the honour’. This and a little more things were very incorrect in her grammar.

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