Sending NUD£ to Wizkid Son | Stingy Men Association | Tunde Ednut Instagram

Sending NUD£ to Wizkid Son | Stingy Men Association | Tunde Ednut Instagram #wizkid #tundeednut

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  1. Me I already joined the closed legs association. If men are not giving money, then we are closing legs. What is there lol it’s the men that enjoy sex more than the women.

  2. This WizKids babymama should just shut up. She is simply exposing herself as a bad parent who cannot protect her child from internet negatives.

  3. Dat is very bad to send Dat can thing to Dat small boy, Dat is madness, I superise King Tundeednut Just reach 1M yesterday wahala, maybe him village people day follow am🤣

  4. Nengi did not lose anything Adamslink. I really like your channel but sometimes you get your facts twisted. Nengi is the face of the girl child from the Entertainment side and the Lawyer is from the Education side…

  5. Parents need to stop spoiling their kids, the world is dangerous enough without internet. You have parental control and besides what's your 9yrs old doing on social media?, Just shut up and accept whatever happen. Your fault!!

  6. My brother u have to be 13 years old to open Instagram, that’s why it says it’s operated by my mum or so so and so, having an Instagram is a source of income, there is no age in making money, same way you are on YouTube talking about them, using it to make money is the same way they are trying to make some too. The people sending the nudes are in the wrong in this case

  7. I could remember when I was in school,a particular lady will not want to work hard,she looks for ways to sort lecturers and she keeps saying as soon leave make I go marry beta man born beta children.but doz not want to b beta.d matter tire me oo

  8. Well that has been the mentality from time,some of this girl has nothing to offer if not their body.though Definitely not all.womens help is rare.

  9. I don't know why people take a celebrity not answering your greetings or curse online personally. They are busy. Some of them don't even like using social media like that. Plus social media is fake so some people don't trust all these praises. I'm not a celeb but I only use my social media to post then I delete the app. I hate going through the app

  10. Is not bad for 9 years old child to use phone or internet, there is parental controls in all phones. Is the duties of the parents to do that and monitoring their children phones.

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