Just after 2mins of her kissing me, she stopped and went straight to my kitchen, as she was going, she said, baby, I don’t want to travel empty stomach so as not to collapse in the bus.Chai, wetin I go do?.

The rehearsals are gone, the boldness to frown at her is gone, I don’t even know if I should confront her about her facebook messages, what if I do, what will be her reaction?. A lot of thoughts was just running through my head. She located my noodles carton and started cooking while we started conversation

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Me: bimbe, what went wrong between you and your cousin?

Bimpe:. Don’t mind that my uncle jaree, I told him that I’m returning today and that he should give me money but he refused saying he doesn’t have money.

Me: thinking in my mind thatso this girl is expecting me to pay the return T.fare again?. really?, why will he do that to his kid sister?

Bimpe: He said I should wait till wednesday but I insist that I’m returning today which is sunday

Me: that’s bad of him oooo. Did u offend him before now?

Bimpe: no ooooo. He is just a stingy relative. If not that I mistakenly spoke with him about coming to Akure to see someone which Is you, then he insisted that I must come to his place, in fact, he called my mum that I am coming to his place so there is nothing I can do about it than to lodge at his place

Me: eeyah. That’s family bond. Family will always want to be together. But wait, which area in this Akure i…


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