STORY: Harvest of Tears ( Episode 1 – Dark Clouds)

Harvest of tears

Harvest of Tears Episode 1 – Dark Clouds

Grandma was restless.
She called out to the twins but there was no
response from the living room.

She pulled back the
curtain to see if they were playing outside but they
weren’t there either. Eventually, she pulled herself
out of her bed, reached for her walking stick and
made for the door.

Grandma wasn’t as energetic
as she was before the arthritis. She found it very
difficult to move herself, standing for long periods
was a mammoth task. Age stole her youth and left
her wrinkled and grey.

Before Age robbed her,
Grandma was a big time first-grade used-clothes
seller. She sold ‘Okirika’ in bales and it was from
the profit she ensured that all her children went to
the university.

Her pride had always been the fact
that she was surrounded by her children and
grandchildren. On that day, her grandchildren,
Lucinda and Kingsley, who had come to spend the
holiday with her, were nowhere to be found and
that made her restless.

Grandma approached their room with bridled
curiosity, partly hoping they were asleep.
Something haunted her maternal instinct and she
hoped that the twins were alright.

She carried
herself through the corridor, each time making a
deliberate attempt not to make a noise with her
walking stick as it hit against the marble floor. As
she came closer, she expected the twins to run
out from wherever they were.

They had always run
towards the tap-tap sound

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