STORY: Harvest of Tears: (Episode 6)

Harvest of tears

Harvest of Tears: Episode 6 – Lost

Lucinda’s plan worked like magic.
Within two weeks, Aisha was already in the palms
of Kingsley’s hands. It must have been the fact
that he was enticing her in a totally different way
from the other boys.

Kingsley was glad he had
Lucinda to advise him. Aisha was so in love with
him, they went almost everywhere together. They

Harvest Of Tears Episode 6 – Lost

Some boys in the hostel were talking about a party
outside the school. The popular musician Tuface
was going to be there. Kingsley realised that it
would be a perfect opportunity to sweep Aisha off
her feet as she was a huge fan of Tuface.

could sing his songs in her sleep, her favourite
was African queen. Kingsley made arrangements
for two tickets and planned with Aisha that they
were going to sneak out of school to attend the
party. She would have objected but Tuface was a
carrot too big to toss aside.

On the night of the party, they kept their school
uniforms in a bag then hid it underneath some
bushes close to the perimeter fence. They climbed
over the fence, went through some bushes and
met the major road.

They were dressed in regular
clothes so nobody could have identified them as
secondary school students.

They arrived Roland
hotel, the venue of the party and were allowed
inside on presentation of their tickets. The
atmosphere was electrifying, he watched as people
exhaled smoke from their lungs and he
remembered the incident that almo…


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