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  1. Good concept. Banky, u can come from a rich background and still be a gold digger. Its when u are with somone so u benefit financially from then. Kim was a gold digger, she married a first husband for money. Finally you could try better with the quality of ur questions.

  2. My 2nd video watching him. Please stop talking about American ppl & you know nothing about them, you just made yourself look stupid. Kim k father was a wealthy lawyer(we all have money problems) but her stepfather was a rich Pro Athletic. She print model & she gotten more rich with the release of her sex tape. Kayne is from my city(Chicago) and he worked for his. Amber Rose had money. Stop praising & giving these kind of ppl praise as role models. Anywho, I'm a BW fan & I like the guy especially all that hair he has. I love the chauffeur.. INTERVIEW JIDENNA NEXT & TELL HIM TO BRING JANELLE MONAE PLZZZZ.. Lil Bow wow isn't a boy anymore but grown man & Romeo with his fine educated self..

  3. Denrele Edun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You ehn?! But, I felt like Banky did really like the interaction between Denrele and Frank….. He looked he was pitying Frank. But, the concept is great.

  4. Hilarious 🤣🤣🤣🤣Intro. Love the keke' is Iconic. Love to whole production. 💯. Sip and drive 😆😆Firing squad position 🤣🤣Great Interview.Derele is and Original

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