“The law doesn’t work with your emotions or biases” – Lawyer speaks on the legal defense of murdǝred UNIPOR

A Twitter user, who is also a legal practitioner with the handle @Egi_nupe_, has shed more light into the legal aspects of the case involving the murder of a female UNIPORT student.

Recall that Damain Okoligwe, a 400-level student of UNIPORT, was arrested for allegedly killing his 20-year-old girlfriend, who is also a student of UNIPORT.

The legal practitioner has now explained that even if he pleads guilty, the court must still record a plea of not guilty, as this is standard practice.


UNIPORT student accused

The legal practitioner shared his knowledge after he came across a tweet of a lady who swore to curse any lawyer that would defend the alleged murderer.

In a well detailed tweet, the legal practitioner wrote

“Even if no lawyer represents him, the Judge must insist and ensure that the State provides him with a lawyer. The law doesn’t work with your emotions or biases. I thought this should have been clear to everyone by now? He’s by law still presumed innocent until the proven guilty. Even if he pleads guilty, the Court must record “not guilty” for him. This is the standard practice in a criminal trial where the offence committed is capital offence.”

Though some found the information educative, others were confused and left hoping that justice is served and the killer is brought to book.

See the tweet below,

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