“The washing machine get small spiritual problem” – Netizens share amusing responses as lady advertises faulty


Netizens have responded amusingly to a trending video that was posted online of a lady advertising her faulty washing machine for 20k.

The video portrayed a faulty washing machine, vibrating loudly and making aggressive noises while washing the clothes.

Within the few seconds the machine was on, it had moved from one position to another.

The clip which was shared on TikTok and has gained many views, with many joking that the washing machine had “spiritual problems”.

The caption attached to the video was “Available for immediate pick up, 20k pere.” Which led to some followers advising her that the reason why the machine malfunctioned was because of a screw and explained further on how to fix.

Netizens however responded hilariously to the video, with each one of them dropping their thoughts in the comment section.

See reactions below,

@Mahruf:  This one get anger issue😂

@Hassan:  Na Masquerade e be for hin previous life 😂 😂😂

@Flakky100:  You will wash your clothes inside your room and pack them from the next street 😂

@Awele Taiwan:  This one they blend cloth 😂😂

@Fabulous:  This one go wash past, present and future 🤣🤣🤣

@Sonma:  I love being African bro, you can’t get this humor anywhere else😭😭😂💀

Watch the video below,


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