TikToks That Will Reveal Your Phobias !

Azzyland – TikToks That Will Reveal Your Phobias ! What are some of the phobias that just creep you out? Don’t forget to leave a like and if you are in the mood for something creepy, check this video out:

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  1. I have a fear of the deep ocean or unknown objects in the water/ocean, like I can't even look at a picture of it. oh and also seaweed ;-;

  2. I'm scared of god ofcourse
    Alot of dots like idk what it's called
    Beaches (the fish's and sharks inside it but if i was in a beach that doesn't have fishes or sharks I'm fine)
    Dogs (i was traumatized by a dog at the age of 3)
    And flying ( i was also traumatized by planes at the age of 9)
    The fear of backrooms make me wanna rip my lungs or stomach or my insides out
    Omphalophobia I'm scared that if i touch my belly button it will pop and i would die

  3. I brother and my brothers probably fear of the ocean and mine is probably dropping my phone in water world on my phone my iPad and not having Internet I live on the Internet I love it no Internet and I will die

  4. Azzy: talking about emergency
    Me: singing i cant stop me risky risky wiggy wiggy this is an emergency~

    Frog phobia is real and a kpop idol had it AND HE CLIMBED A WAL LIKE SPIDERMAN-

  5. I’m scared of bees and now I’m scared to go outside because bees are everywhere! Anyone got advice? I really want to go outside but to scared because there’s bees

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