Timaya calls Davido immature over Chioma posts & showing her off.

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Timaya calls Davido immature over Chioma posts & showing her off.

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  1. Timaya is a very Intelligent guy and he is very blunt too. He takes no nonsense. I agree with his comments. Kids flaunt their girlfriends publicly

  2. Oga your own is too much , you are one of the people causing troubles between artist where did timaya called davido immature
    See bros go to bed right now or better still mind your business 😕😕

  3. I like David and Chioma. They are doing what is right at their age. Timaya should pray for them to succeed instead of criticising. David is not your age .

  4. if there's no beef the stew won't be sweet….so big up tu boi dem and man dem fr giving d ppl a beef inner dem stew…

  5. Well many people got no sense but they claim they do, timaya saying shit abt OBO is wrong because he also said in one of his songs that he bought this car and that car ehh na chineke me ooo and that he friend empress njama bla bla ehh na chineke me ooo… So that moment his not being childish or what… I must tell people before you say something you think well first. I love Timaya from day one if he remember street to star project…. Also I love OBO for making good hit.. Thanks

  6. Davido is young and still living his life……let him be….when he gets to his 30's he will act differently as well…..much love for Davido from Malawi here

  7. Davido simply thinks very childish and acts same way……some people are just like that and Timaya said nothing bad, Davido needs to grow up

  8. he does not need to grow bro, he have d money so let me spend it d way it pleases him, bro…… Respekt dDoNtImaya

  9. afrochop or whatever, you guys should be very professional while doing your work. journalism demands profession. you don't haul to heads together coz you are desperate to lure lazy followers. I don't fall into such a dirty trap ..just review the headline, it doesn't translate to the main story. that's desperation

  10. Will what I understand about David is that people are so jealous about Chioma that why he’s showing Chioma pictures so that people will be more jealous so davido is doing a good job keep it up my OBO

  11. If Davido can do this for his girlfriend what happens to his 2baby mama's or is it that he doesn't love them or they are not worth an expensive gift..

  12. Wait let me clear one thing to everyone here Timaya never insult davido and Davido is not angry about anything, those that is jealousy about davido pls u people should live him only it his stage of life to enjoy with an ywoman of his chioce now .

  13. Timaya make ona leave David Adeleke alone, Timaya you don Marry leave the guy alone to settle down also ABI ona like make he dey carry baby Mama along.

    Na jealousy dey worry you Timaya

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