Tiwa Savage – "49-99" (REACTION VIDEO) || @TiwaSavage @Ubunifuspace

The Ubunifu team back again with another reaction video!
This is our reaction to a Nigerian Song: @Tiwa Savage – “49-99”
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Intro Vid: MHD – Roger Milla Instrumental

Original Video: Tiwa Savage – “49-99” –

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  1. Damn.. I'm actually south african watching them react to a Nigerian song… That's how you know the song 🔥 fire

  2. Will you guys actually implode if you rate a song a 10?? Once in your lives break the jinx! This is why I can never subscribe because you guys are not honest in your reactions. The few times YouTube brings your videos my way, I find out that nothing's changed.

  3. Yo ubunifu been a fan of your work since day one😊😊😊.I know guyz are busy out there in the world hustling but if you do get the time pls react to Alfa Kat piano piano. Thanx😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😢

  4. I'm from South Africa but please react to Bella Shmurda ft Olamide- Vision 2020 Remix…. Won't be disappointed🤞

  5. Such great reviews but no 10's… The closest thing to an explanation, was dude that said he doesn't understand the underline message… That would be a reason for a great review and 9 rating… for give me if the reasons were given based on the song and video for giving 8, 8.5 and 9's, it should have been made clearer… Like i gave it an because (reason)…

  6. How can you guys react to a song which is almost a year old. You need to update your music playlist. You should be reacting to a song when its still fresh to make the reaction relevant.

  7. Tiwa savage is a goddess in the music industry. And she's using this to expose the politicians. Respect but this is not were it should end.

  8. Beyond amazing visual, this song sends a powerful message. Its is about the hardship faced by Nigerians "49 sitting, 99 standing" is a line from one of Fela's songs.
    The scene with the ladies is a reference from an iconic photo of Congolese school girls taken by the photographer, Eliot Elisofon in 1972. Stellar job she did on this, one of her best.

  9. I'm disappointed in this reaction but I understand none of you studied music.

    This particular video; the Aesthetics, the deep symbolism, the storytelling alone is 11/10.

    This video epitomizes why Nigerian music continues to dominate the music industry.

    You can see the extra effort to put to convey her message.

    The time where she was laying on the floor with design represent the sun.

    There are soo many spiritual moments in the video.

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