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  1. I believe she has repented. Your sins are forgiven. Really I love this lady's talent. I will continue to pray for you.I implore every meaningful Nigeria to embrace this beautiful lady. She is one of our Nigeria pride. God bless you all. UK.

  2. Nice 1 Tiwa Savage ! I can tell that you’re brought up this way. Please keep it going with the good voice of yours. All the way from Chicago.

  3. The end SARS horror has touched her, now she realised that life is fragile and fighting for freedom requires courage and Gods grace

  4. Hi beautiful tiwa savage look at your Angelica voice please sister come to JESUS christ is real and his holy salvation is genuine remember there is heaven and hell fear GOD Almighty is POWERFUL amen.

  5. I was about to take a shower when I came across this video on YouTube….I couldn't stop dancing all through. Well Tiwa God is happy and pleased with you always even Jamal your son will agree with me that you did an excellent job of high praise to the almighty.

    Pls do more of these with various old time hymnals and contemporary praise the world will listen and buy them over again.

    Stay blessed mama Jam Jam❤❤❤💯💯💯💯💥💥💥💥💥💥💥

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