Tiwa Savage- Kele Kele Love



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  1. "Only serious candidates should come and holla"… kills it from the first line. This is definitely the African "Single Ladies"… but FAR BETTER. Get it girl! You're making the entire continent proud!

  2. @babsaji100 Hey babsaji i don't think you're watching the right video,am sure anita has videos posted on here….i suggest you praise her ON THEM not on somebody else's(this one in particular)PS we get that you think anita sings better than tiwa,i mean hey you posted three comments,saying the same thing!!!!

  3. Dang it!!!!!i've been playing this song three days straight-on replay-heck!!! its even on my zune-on replay-this is the first time I've listened to and appreciated this music style WITH THIS SONG ONLY the rest still don't do it for me,believe me i checked TIWA ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!

  4. big ups to Tiwa man…girl has range, with the right ppl backing her, it's a wrap, she can easily knock Omawunmi and the rest down a level…good stuff (should be the official Naija girl anthem)

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