Tom Brady opens up about balancing family and football in exclusive interview l GMA

Tom Brady opens up about balancing family and football in exclusive interview l GMA

The football star, who won his seventh Super Bowl, also talks about what the game will look like for him next year and that famous moment during the Bucs’ victory boat parade.

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  1. At this point for Michael Strahan to start the video with a disclaimer about not wearing a mask in public not to offend anyone is insane most people are vaccinated at this point including myself and every adult at this point can get one and I’m sure Brady and him as well are vaccinated, I only wear a mask at this point inside of a store just to be respectful to other people

  2. 6th round draft pick! WOW! That is the pick where they expect nothing from you. Tom Brady, it was the draft. Michael Jordan it was the high school basketball coach. There is always somebody there telling you you're not good enough. Respect to Tom Brady!

  3. LMG For some reason I thought this was an old video and was stunned to see masks. Instantly I knew we were in today's world. Glad I felt it would be 1 worth rewatching LOL

  4. Crazy how his head spins on small rides but Tom be jumping off cliffs 😂 totally different motion I know but bruh that’s crazy 😜 love Tom tho for the hard work and inspiration

  5. I always love these interviews because I like hearing from Tom since he's not a big media guy. But it seems all these interviews have the same questions over and over.. What more do you have left to prove? What motivates you? What are you doing this offseason? Tom is a routine guy who gives the same answers and does the same things most years. Maybe it's time for some fresh questions to ask him lol..

  6. Two Legends "living their best lives"! Awesome fun interview, wish you guys stretched it to an hour special. With all the pain in the news, we all could use a break from the bad stories! Great job; and that's coming from a Saints and Eagles fan!!!!
    🦅🏉⚜❗🤣, ✌🏾🖤✊🏾

  7. That's the first time I've heard Brady say he doesn't have much football left. It'll be a sad day when he finally hangs em up. The NFL should amend the rule for him and put him in the HOF the minute he retires.

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