Transform Your Tabletop Games with WizKids WarLock Tiles

Welcome to the world of WarLock™ Tiles from WizKids!

Create an immersive TTRPG experience for everyone at the table as you build dynamic, modular scenes from the most dangerous dungeons to lively taverns.

These are all pre-painted, with attention to detail, so you literally will have an out of box ready experience. We also made sure to keep it in game play scale for a variety of games, incorporate a subtle grid, enable modularity and versatility (e.g. double-sided floors), and have pieces with functional moving parts when applicable, like our exterior doors (that open and close). The base set that you have will be $99.99 MSRP at launch, with 5 additional accessory sets that will be $49.99. Available now!

For more information about WarLock Tiles visit:

Here are just some of the highlights about this system!

Strong Connection Points & Modularity
o Rooms have strong connections to prevent any shifting during game
o Efficient thin wall construction
o Rooms can be pre-built and dropped in during the adventure
Flexibility & Versatility
o Double-sided floor tiles
o Includes additional clips that make WarLock™ Tiles compatible with DRAGONLOCK™ and OpenLOCK™ systems
Integrated Storytelling Features
o Exterior doors that open and close (Dungeon Tiles I, Town & Village, Doors & Archways)
o Ladders and stairs that fit mini fig bases (Stairs & Ladders)
o Trap doors that open and close (Doors & Archways)
o Floor tiles that light up (Summoning Circles)
o Swappable barrel lids (Dungeon Dressings)
o Chests that can open and close – also includes removable treasure piles (Dungeon Dressings)

*video premiered by IGN on July 11, 2020 with permission.

Video produced by the talented team at Mediajuice Studios, LLC

©2020 NECA/WizKids LLC


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  1. I was waiting with such excitement for these, and then I bought a 3d printer….ugh I still may buy them. I love Wizkids products and still spend $150 a week on their minis

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