Unbelievable:Sophia Momodu Had $€x With Davido When He Visits Daughter Imade Kemi Olunloyo Alleged




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  1. There are somethings that force a person to talk and even the dumb will begin to talk in their own way. I think the whole thing started with Chioma's sincerity and level of love for Davido. Before Davido met Chioma, she was not having any body friend majorly because of strict religious parental upbringing. As Davido met her as a young teenager in the University, she just cleaned to him in love and never cared about any other guy till date. Davido knows and has confirmed that Chioma had been in his life before all the baby mamas. But why some people blame Chioma is that she still forgave and continued with David after he betrayed no.1 with Sophia(who deliberately trapped with pregnancy) and betrayal no.2 also showed forth pregnancy. So the two children all born on top of her head while in David's life tho'.still in school. And what about uncountable other betrayals that didn't show forth babies upon her head too. So when David apologized and promised never ever to betray her again, she believed him, and he swore that he would never again have kerewa with all those Ex except to care for his children, she also believed him etc. Hmm chair, see the extent she loved up to a fault. She is the one that has made more sacrifice and input into David's career and life(than.all these ones just collecting much more than her now). From what is playing out now, it's like the same person she loved so much has now become everything he said he was not. And to add salt to her injury, her love and care was not properly returned, she experienced bullying, neglect and disrespect in return. See the level of abuse, yet she is still there, her beauty (admired by all), her loyalty, humility and noble personality and being the mother of his first son of are all obscured and she is said to be certainly getting much less than she deserve and she is still there. And now the question a lot of people are asking is "Chioma wetin be your own nah " all the shit never do you?. Alas, to see the type of Chioma in this generation is difficult. But a time comes in everyone's life when one has to say enough is enough or never. This life is simply not balanced.

  2. Everything you talk sis na true about respect on the other baby mamas. Davido no get respect for Chioma at all. Chioma deserve a respectful man in her life.

  3. Enjoy your life Sophia. Chioma met you there. She still grabbed Davido from Sophia. Adeleke's family loves Sophia especially Davido's sister. Davido's friends respect Sophia. They do not respect Chioma

  4. Davido is a Modern Polygamist. His relationship with all the baby Mamas is for ever. I just noticed he has been posting all the crazy and disrespectful videos with Chioma on IG, Some people are really not getting it at all. They don't know Davido. They said Davido is begging Chioma with those posts πŸ“«….on the other hand, I feel that is PROVOCATION to CHIOMA. Davido doesn't care anymore about Chioma. Yes, he loves Chioma but can't get married to Chioma now. Even if he decides to marry her now or later, Chioma and family should be ready to accept Davido for whom he is….. that is his life style.

  5. Am not surprised that Davido is still seeing Sophia cuz Davido is still in love with Sophia an there is nothing wrong with it after all Davido is not married to any of them Sophia enjoy l wish u luck

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