What is Sars Nigeria – What is Sars – Davido #ENDSARS – Nigeria News – Nigeria #NIGERIASARS

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  1. for me nigeria has failed its people countless times, that the youths have to beg to stop killing them by their own brothers 😭😭😭😭😭😭 I weep

  2. Sars is not of God surely it must come to an End that's all I know my dear we will be free from all the intimidation from people that governs our country

  3. Correct Davido ooo. We are no longer lazy youth again. I like the way all the youth came to protest oooo. My dear nice video keep it up ok.

  4. Good to fight for your country. If the youths don't do it no one will come and do it for you. Great job all who went

  5. SARS has really tortured Our innocent Nigerians, thank God our people has woken up from their sleep to put a stop to it.

  6. This time Nigeria youth has finally speak all this celebrity are coming out to speak because them too are not safe, but come to think of it is this SARS Issue really Nigeria problem well i pray they all woke up to defend their land

    God bless you for sharing

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