Where Sam Darnold can excel in Panthers' offense | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

Where Sam Darnold can excel in Panthers' offense | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

Chris Simms and Mike Florio look at whether Sam Darnold can be an upgrade for the Panthers over Teddy Bridgewater and where the former No. 3 overall pick can thrive in Joe Brady’s system. #CarolinaPanthers #NFL #SamDarnold
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Mike Florio, creator of the industry-leading Profootballtalk.com, offers his NFL insight alongside regular guests, including former NFL athletes such as Chris Simms. Pro Football Talk informs and entertains with the most up-to-date news and analysis surrounding the topical NFL stories of the day.

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Where Sam Darnold can excel in Panthers’ offense | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports



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  1. When you get down to the core of it and truly think about it people refer to moves in the NFL as mistakes and also the opposite which are superlatives, but the truth is it's just the process it's the process. when teams trade a bunch of first round picks for a player it's not like they are going to lose a week of sleep over the stuff it's the process the ups and downs and it's what the NFL is. I understand that media has to make a story and all that crap the truthfully it's just the process, which is the NFL!

  2. In a very ironic way, Chris Simms is the voice of reason in a lot of the debates I have noticed that lately. I'm going to say this without trying to offend anybody, but I think that are two sides of the coin and it's made up of people who have been around the game played the game coach the game even manage the game and then there are the people who haven't played, maybe they studied the game, but it is somewhat irritating when the non players are so adamant about an argument or a player when they're debating with somebody who actually played the game and football being a major part of their life..

  3. It's not that the Panthers were in love with Teddy Bridgewater he was the best available at the time and the upside was great the downside wasn't all that deep! I do like Florio and respect him other than his obsession with covid, but when the media just makes these declarations it's kind of not right as it changes perception and in a weird way changes perceptual history even if it's on a very micto level

  4. I would guess it was Hurney trying to save his job. He failed. Now, Rhule has more say and they brought in Fitterer who is on the same page. This is the season we are watching who this organization is truly going to be moving forward. I expect Darnold will find himself with the Panthers and we will witness a transition in Carolina into a good football team year in and year out.

  5. Well i guess we r just going to waste McCaffrey in his prime. I don't understand why we going after Sam. I mean we need a solid starter and I know I'm crazy but I would off gave up everything for Russell Wilson except McCaffrey.

  6. When Bridgewater stepped in for Drew Brees for 5 games in 2019, the Saints went 5-0. But Bridgewater's passing stats….153 yards a game and 9 TDs. Really Carolina? $66 million? Ok, Have fun with that.

  7. The inside story on Teddy: 4th and 5 to stay alive, dumps ball behind the line for a 2 yard gain. Told by coach not to call an audible in the clutch. Calls audible and fumbles at the one.

  8. Bridgewater has performed way better than Darnold. The fact they traded for Darnold and are planning on getting rid of Bridgewater shows that their GM is on a par with the Bears GM. For your edification: Pro lifetime stats for both guys: Darnold threw 39 Interceptions in 38 games with only 45 TDs, a 78.6 lifetime pro rate and 59.8 % completions. Bridgewater threw 36 Interceptions in 59 games with 53 TDs, a lifetime pro rate of 89.5 and 66.45 % completions. The stats are not even close.

  9. Florio is a joke. You do know that the Panthers had 8 games lost by one possession. All of those Teddy had a chance to lead a comeback drive and threw 2 yard passes on 4th and 10s. Nothing wrong with cutting ties for a POTENTIAL franchise QB

  10. The Browns drafted Mayfield ahead of Darnold and Rosen because both those L.A. guys said they didn't want to play in Cleveland, thought they were too good for that city. And now they're both TERRIBLE!! LOL!

  11. Tepper is a hedge fund master … one of the core principles of trading is to stop losses quickly, don’t let losses run. They are just stopping out of the Teddy trade along classic trading risk management parameters.

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