Why You Don't Believe In Yourself: How To Raise Your Self Worth (The Secret Balancing Loop)

Why You Don’t Believe In Yourself: How To Raise Your Self Worth (The Balancing Loop)

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  1. I like this video but I have to tell you the truth. Over cofidence is never a bad thing. Throw out your ego is the worst thing you can do, I don't care if it's the so called healthy ego or bad ego, you need to have an ego! I've seen how poor people became rich all my life. I know more rich people than anyone in this comment section and two of them are billionaires. I can tell the one thing they all in common is that they all have a fxxking ego! Having a huge ego is not a problem, not taking action is the problem.

  2. Dude in almost every video you make clarifications that I didnt even KNOW I was seeking ! But once you mention the topic I go like ' ah yes, now that is exactly my question but I was not able to articulate it before . En pointe' . Thanks a ton !

  3. I guess this is the universe speaking to me in trying to act confident and finesse the client and just be myself tomorrow.

  4. Is it ok if i say "i love you?"😂😂 I was so struggling today–and yesterday and the day bf and the week bf… with this imposter problem as i was prepping to teach. Like wdf am i to be speaking and teaching this–while forgetting abt the lives ive touched? Thank you so much. Moving forward💗

  5. If you contact me your self I'll sign up for your program… daniel really don't listen to people words …just a thought.

  6. Much needed quazi… Thank u for being there for us … when I need it most..
    Grateful for guiding in right direction..💕🌷🙏

  7. Along my journey, one of the most powerful ways that has helped me raise my self worth has been to first understand that it is totally possible to do it in the first place… As soon as we know IT IS possible, we can begin moving in the direction of increasing it
    Good luck ✌️

  8. Mandelbrot zoom and iteration comes to mind. The more you iterate appreciation, the more complexity you can discover within and without. Great message. Thanks, and Happy New year to you too.

  9. Just in time. I have a job interview for tomorrow coz im looking for better opprotunities than right now. I needed to remind myself that i can and i deserve it

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