WIZKID Finally Drops GINGER VIDEO With BURNA BOY | HIT or MISS? | Made In Lagos Album RECORD

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WIZKID Finally Drops GINGER VIDEO With BURNA BOY | HIT or MISS? | Made In Lagos Album RECORD


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  1. The biggest song on the album couldn't do 1M views in 24 hours, even with a Burna boy feature, now imagine the other songs

    Just playlisting and inshallah is what is helping this guy on Spotify 😭

  2. Incredibly intelligent and insightful analysis, Lala! Couldn't agree more as I, myself, had anticipated a more exciting and creatively memorable video. Also, one that reflected the full cultural tradition and "way of life" in Lagos, as relatable to the album's tittle. Hope he focuses more on his upcoming videos. Safe to say that, this is one area of impression that Davido doesn't compromise or fall short, even if provided similar single space.

  3. Class beautiful video
    The beautiful back woman 💯
    The fashion and style 💯
    They played game with diamonds genius 💯
    The art and maturity 💯
    The creativity 💯
    Everything amazing best video ever 🔥🔥🔥

  4. I think I can picture what Meji Alabi was trying to achieve with those blocks.
    The blocks were same colour with the big cube that had lighting at the top. So, the interpretation should be that Wiz and Burna (arguably the 2 biggest afrobeats stars atm) are building up the cube (which should represent afrobeats) using those blocks. That's why he had them standing on it and the light at the top was centred on them while they were doing their thing.
    The simple interpretation should be, They're gradually building up afrobeats to the world's centre stage.
    The remaining blocks unused should signify that while the spotlight is already on afrobeats, there's still a lot of work to be done.
    Just my interpretation.

  5. Lala, this video is very OK abi na bc them no make plenty noise for d video like small children na e make you no like d song?, fem is a trouble making song that is why people really watched the song. Every trouble making Nigerian will like fem. More over fem is push with money Davido will do any thing to push his song but Ginger is one song that will b in people mind 4 a very long time. As for FEM, when another trouble making song comes out, FEM will die a natural dead.

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