WIZKID – JORO Reaction Video

Hello Fam,
The most anticipated single is here. watch me react to Joro by Wizkid. I tried to keep it short.
Let me know what you think by dropping your comments below.
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  1. Wizkid sounds the same….i tink dat's how the songs on is album wil b and i really tink dat's wat's stoppin him from releasing d album

  2. I'm just in stitches here laughing at all your reactions. I actually deleted the video from YouTube after I heard it the first time. But guess what? I am nodding my head to it now. Na nonsense dey sell most times. Only artistes like Burnaboy fit risk content in his music.

  3. He said in a recent interview that all the songs he’s producing right now mean so much too him…. Like he’s not doing it for anyone at the moment, he’s doing it for himself

  4. dis gel I wanted to say something bt lemme wait…Wizkid is nw doing mature sounds …Wizkid has brought anoda diff vibes for Oda artiste …Wizkid has done wat no Oda African artist has done..and dis song is really great …
    now almost all d artists sounds lik Wizkid …This boy has change d culture…Davido dey try bt e no near…burna dey try bt Na next rated for where Wizkid day …..I no lie …Go and check numbers dnt lie

  5. I would suggest he goes back to the drawing board and look at his recent body of work from an "outsider's " perspective; there's something a bit offputting about his recent projects that make you want to ask how much would it cost a star of his caliber to add a bit of effort into his song writing sessions, considering how competitive the african musical industry has suddenly become. It's quite evident that the torch has been passed to Burnaboy anyway, you just can't fault the bloke's hustle.
    Wizkid, please take the "kid" element off your music and show some "growth", hopefully RCA/Sony Music are "arable" enough.
    Ok, now back to Yewande's 'fro: you look beautiful girl, Beyonce's got nothing on you.
    Chei, the devil is a liar oooooh!

  6. Calm down sis, Wizkid knows what he’s doing. SFTOS has more lyrical content but Nigerians Pushed it aside so he’s giving them what they like πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Na Gbedu we Dem dey find na

  7. Well said. I believe he can do better. He should either relax and push other artistes on his label, while he takes time to get more creative or simply ask the record label he's signed to, to help with good song writer. Just an average lyrics to be frank. Burna boy has taken the lord.

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