WizKid Protests #EndSars Trending w/ Ojy Okpe

#SARSMUSTEND: Assault On Arise TV Cameraman: A Call For Total Overhaul And Reform Of Police Force. #EndSars Protesters were blasted with water and Tear Gas at #EndSARS protest in Abuja. #WizKid lends his voice to the #EndSars Campaign, #London.

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  1. Very sad what happened to Francis. We wish him well. However, I struggle to understand why the team was super excited at the beginning of the show especially knowing that a colleague's sad ordeal is about to be aired. The emotional dissonance is beyond comprehension.

  2. Arise news, so long as the Nigerian citizens have refused to read the writing on the wall "the new state called Nigeria is the reward to our ancestors Usman Dan Fodio. Ruthlessly prevent power change over. The Middle Belt our willing tools and the South our conquered territory." The ongoing Fulanization of the military and every other security agencies, is gearing towards that. Come 2023, we shall all realize that we have been too quiet and have allowed the Fulanis to continue in their unstopped conquer. If we want solution, let every ethnic nationality go their seperated ways. What is going on now, is writing on the wall.

  3. I don't blame the security agencies in Nigeria. We have elected representatives whose primary concern is to inflate their salaries and allowances. It's a shame. Like it or not, REVOLUTION AGAINST INJUSTICE MUST HAPPEN. It's just a matter of time.

  4. Dr Abati, Please note, Nigerian Policemen are no longer trained. They just keep them there for 6 months, the money meant for their training don't end up being used for them, so many issues. I stand to be corrected. The reluctance of the IGP to disband them effectively and the impunity that they display is as a result of the fact that, this unit heads of all this police special squads from local governments level collect this money, give to their state commander and through the same process money is shared up to the top. It's so bad that they are given targets and you expect the officers down there to respect directives. No way. Because the bottom line is that they will be asked for the returns at the end of the month. Anyone that fails to remit, gets redeployed and you are not given a juicy posting again. The same rule applies in all our military and paramilitary forces. It explains why recently rank and files who are due for promotion refused to get the promotion because it will automatically take them off those positions where those kickbacks are happening. Investigate the Nigerian Police Affairs Commission has such issue as we speak. We need a total overhauling of the system. The politicians are majorly responsible, because when you pay poor salaries deliberately keeping a man that is carrying a gun. He's hungry, what do you expect him to do?

  5. Next end darkness, next end corruption, next end bigmanism, next end impunity, next end illiteracy, next end poverty, next end moribund health care systems, next end lack of pipe borne water next end bad roads, next end lack of modern Infrastructure.. and it i goes on and on.. #revolutionnow

  6. Here in Italy is something else to do our Nigerian passports in the embassy i really feel very bad for my country Nigeria 😢😢😢💔💔

  7. Look at the IG when he was talking you will notice there is no sympathy for innocent lives lost and criticism for bad police in the force this IG is an animal in police uniform

  8. The police institution in Nigeria is a joke,you can't imagine how police can turn against an innocent man when you go to them for help

  9. Very useless police,our police system has been broken since 1972,the police IG does not understand the rules of democracy,when you put idiot to run a country thats what you get

  10. Every agency of government now knows that Nigeria doesn't have a president so they are free to behave as they like without fear of sanctions

  11. SARS are notoriously dangerous to the youths of this country. I am very happy the president listen to our voices and dissolved the special squad.

  12. The IGP has disbanded the SARS 4times in 2years. How can we guarantee that this one will be upheld if Nigerians return home

  13. This is the most enjoyable conversation I have listened to this year. Full of emotions, I'm glad the media are now speaking in similar tone as the masses.

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