“Women’s Bullying Pushes Gay Men Into Hiding And Forced Marriages”, Says Uti Nwachukwu


Renowned model and actor, Uti Nwachukwu has sparked a conversation by suggesting that women are to blame for gay men entering into marriages with them to conceal their sexuality.

His comments came in response to an Instagram user who urged more men to come out of the closet and stop deceiving women.

The user wrote:

More men need to come out of the closet! And stop fooling women!”

In his reply, he emphasized that women’s bullying of men who have openly embraced their sexual orientation contributes to the continued hiding of homosexuality.

His reply:

“And more women need to stop bullying the ones who have come out of the closet! The more shame you give to men the more they will marry women to cover up. Choice is yours.”

He highlighted the impact of societal shame and pressure, stating that the more shame men face, the more likely they are to marry women to maintain appearances and remain hidden.

The actor’s statement has sparked discussions about the complexities surrounding sexuality, societal expectations, and the need for acceptance and understanding.

As his comment spreads, Many have chimed in on the matter, offering their perspectives and opinions.

While some individuals find merit in his viewpoint, others have raised objections and criticisms.

The discourse surrounding his statement has ignited a robust conversation online.


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