Women's Football Training Camp in Round Rock

Women's Football Training Camp in Round Rock

Round Rock hosted a training camp for Team USA women’s football as they prepared for the inaugural International Federation of American Football (IFAF) Women’s World Championship in Stockholm, Sweden.

Just off of the practice field at Old Settler’s Park, Danilynn Welniak (Wide Receiver) and Sami Grisafe (Quarterback) took a moment to talk to us about how they got started playing football, their favorite parts of the game, pre-game rituals, a little about the World Championship and their favorite local places in Round Rock.

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(Update – Team USA took home the gold medal from Sweden, with a 66-0 victory over Canada at the Zinkensdamms IP Stadium. Terrific job Danilynn, Sami and the whole team!)

Thanks for sharing, Danilynn and Sami. Game On!

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  1. it's wonderful what these ladies are doing for all women across da nation and da world. DA WFA is amazing, so many good photos of these ladies playing football. Only thing I still keep on trying 2 figure out is how do they pee during da game excluding halftime since it's obvious time 2 do it.

  2. As a girl who has always enjoyed playing backyard football and watching it, I think it is great that these girls are playing. I would love to join a team. Women's bodies are different than men. When we go through puberty, our hips widen, we lose upper body strength, other things happen. Yes we are not as physically strong as men, its human anatomy. However I don't know why people are hating on these women for playing a game; they are having fun which is the best part about sports!

  3. It's awfully difficult to respect women as equals. They're the ones who don't believe in being fair across the line. Somehow, female empowerment comes from male belittlement.

  4. I thought about my post. I know I'm late in this response. Anyhow, that was actually an insult against men. That broad who made that comment obviously hasn't watched a lot of football regarding men's fundamentals. There's this place called the Pro Football Hall of Fame that she ought to visit. Those guys seem fundamentally sound to me. Second, who's teaching their asses those fundamentals that they're "more sound"? Oh that's correct, it's those fucking guys.

  5. A woman can be a lady & still play football. There are no set rules as to what being a lady is. There are stereotypes but not all women are able or willing to fit those molds. You really need to open your eyes and see that the world is changing. Women are capable of doing so many great things and not limited to these narrow minded thoughts that you are expressing. I have been a female athlete all my life and I see nothing wrong with women playing football or any other male dominated sport.

  6. Misfit women like you never want to be near the word Lady. It brings up too many fears of inferiority and rejection. It's easier to live in your fantasy-land where women actually are the same as men, that way you're not forced to look in the mirror. LOL

  7. LOL…I must have hit a nerve! You're probably sitting around in sweats and t-shirts ugly, with short hair wishing you weren't a woman. haha. So typical these days. But answer the question. WHY DON'T THESE GIRLS PLAYS AGAINST MEN?? Why don't the MMA broads FIGHT MEN??? Because they'd get stomped. These women look even LESS ABLE THAN JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL BOYS. But you keep your delusions and stay STERILE. lol

  8. What's the matter little man? I can tell by your anger that you have defintely had your ass kicked by a girl at some point in your life, and you've still not been able to put it behind you. Not sure why you can't accept he the fact that there are many MANY female athletes out there who could knock the shyt out of you, but you obviously have issues.

  9. @wjb…..I would knock the snot out of her and the MMA broad…..but you idiots just don't get it. But I shouldn't expect a bunch of fools defending this vulgar shyt to understand much….lol

  10. WOW-are u an Islamic Fundamentalist? Football is a game- it's fun..women enjoy it just as much as men do. That's why they play. Simple as that. And some women are better at it than some men. Sorry it threatens you, but if your ego is fragile maybe it should. The QB (# 15) Samantha Grisafe is a better much better football player than you are. Better, stronger, faster & tougher- I have a feeling that's what actually bothers you. Oh, BTW women DO compete in MMA. Ronda Rousey would kick your ass!

  11. NO. you dont get it and men do things that in the past women did as well so its no reason for me to argue with your one minded self. You have your opinion and i have mine and its not going to change because you feel that way. Ive been studying Martial Arts for years now and because you see men on Tv or in movies doing Martials Arts you think women cant do the same? Tsss lol Whatever

  12. It has nothing to do with "sexism". It has to do with women aping men. I guess the next step in your idea of progress would be women doing MMA? Why not? Women can do anything men can do right? You just don't get it. No mother with the slightest knowledge of what it takes to be a woman, let alone a Lady, would let her daughter get grimy on a football field like boys and men do. When women want to get ugly, dirty and grimy, when they want to fight and physically assault another woman, all is lost

  13. It's called "progress". Progress being defined as WOMEN DOING ANYTHING THAT MEN DO. No one ever stops think about what it means when women no longer learn how to be WOMEN….let alone ladies. It's disgusting…….

  14. In a way you're right but in a way the others are right. Women don't need to be in the kitchen. They need to be LADIES. Whatever they do after they learn how to do THAT will take care of itself. And the same thing is to be said for MEN. All this shyt for the last 30 years has been nothing but women aping and imitating in any way possible, MEN, and not just in sports. So I guess the next sign of "progress" will be women doing MMA??? Right? They already box.

  15. The basic difference is that women follow instructions men want to break the rules. Ask any basketball coach. The point is men are BUILT to break the rules and be physical- just watch the difference between girls and boys. The bigger question and point is what are these girls/ladies really doing and learning???? Learning how to act like/imitate men…..but it's not just in sports. Real women would look at this stuff and turn up their nose.

  16. A point was made about sticking to the fundamentals, women tend to stick with the skills and technique while guys want to make the highlights. At 2:15, she made a good point. Women are willing to learn the details of football. Guys use their natural talents, which is fine, but it would be nice for them to use the fundamentals. They'd be that much better.

  17. Does anyone know when they'll have the IFAF Women's Championship again? Is it every year or every few years? Anyways, I hope more countries are involved…and congrats to the USA team. I seriously was not expecting a 66 – 0 win, lol. Canada still played well though.

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