“After she brushed past me, I realized my phone was gone” – Lady shares how a little girl tried to steal her phone after complimenting her


A Nigerian lady who identifies as @arathefirst has shared on the microblogging platform X how a young girl tried to steal her phone after complimenting her.

She stated in her tweets that she started looking for her phone after the girl brushed her having complimented her.

After noticing that her phone was gone, she remembered the only person she had come in contact with and called the young girl back.

According to her, the young girl had pickpocketed her phone while complimenting her, which resulted in her knocking her on the head for doing such.

She wrote;

I was out today and one little girl walked to me and said “Aunty, you’re beautiful o” and just brushed past me. I was still smiling like Mumu before I realized I felt light and my phone was gone. I turned, saw the girl walking away, grabbed her, and gave her a factory-resetting hot knock in the middle of her head. And guess what?! My phone fell to the floor! How can you call me beautiful and still try to rob me? Very wicked child. If I ever see her again, I will knock her head again.

While the story was seen as a hilarious one to some internet users, others shared similar experiences they’ve had.


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