“Because she borrow pencil o” – Nigerian Lady cries out on behalf of her friend who is constantly being ass@ulted in her marriage

A Nigerian lady has cried out on the microblogging platform X, over the constant assault her friend is facing in her marriage.

Sharing several pictures of their chats and bruises inflicted on her friend’s body, she noted that her husband consistently beats her.

According to their chats, her husband hit her this time because she went to borrow a pencil from their neighbor so her daughter could do her assignment.

Before hitting her he asked her why she went to the neighbors to borrow a pencil instead of buying one for their daughter.


In the process of answering him, he begins to hit her, causing several bruises and injuries on her body.

Her friend also wrote in another tweet that;

“We get friends have told right from when they were still dating then

But she no listen even her mum have to remove her hand from it

Person wa don but when she even get belle self…

He get innocent face ehhh The guy works in computer village.

Her mum stays in Lagos but she’s not around for now…she went for her husband burial.

She followed her oo She just came back last week from the village but her mum is not back yet. The funniest thing he say the guy didn’t even follow her to the burial self…”

The Lagos State Domestic and Sexual Violence Agency has reached out via the comment section, hoping to connect with her friend, the victim.

See the pictures below,

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