“Betting is not for everyone” – Lady cries after losing money on gambling platform. (WATCH)


A trending video on social media has shown a lady crying after she lost her money to an online betting platform.

In a video she posted on social media, which had her in tears, she claims that the betting platform doesn’t stop until it ruins one’s life and she has decided to stop.

She shared the video with the caption,

“Abeg any money wey you wan use, no carry am play SportyBet…Don’t borrow money to bet, no use person money bet, no carry your house rent or business money bet… SportyBet is not a money doubling app. You have 99% chance of losing any game you bet, just know am. Use money wey no go bother you even if you lose”.

While a couple of people felt pity for her, others advised that betting is not for everyone and should be avoided by soft hearted people.

Below are some reactions,

@mandy__chuks Who else haven’t played sporty before 😂😂

@yourprincecharming01 Before you play sporty today please eat first 🙏😂💔

@soft_millionaire If your partner is into bet just leave the person alone , betting is deadly

@bishy.opeyemi Betting is not for everyone stay away, if you don’t have the mind for it or you will learn the hard way.

@centia_collection I heard this betting is addictive

Watch the video,


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