“Ch£ating isn’t allowed, no posting of other girls” – Lady sets rules and regulations for a relationship (VIDEO) – YabaLeftOnline

A Nigerian man express shock after his proposed girlfriend sent him rules and regulations, he has to conform with for them to start a relationship.

The man identified as @coded4441 on TikTok revealed the ten rules and regulations the lady had sent to him while they were chatting on Whatsapp.

Apparently, he was wooing the lady and was not expecting rules and regulations to start a romantic relationship. He was surprise to receive rules he has to abide with when they were still in their talking stage.

In response to the rules and regulations, he replied that the rules weren’t for him as he is not a kid.

She wrote,

  1. “Cheating isn’t allowed
  2. late replies isn’t allow
  3. if you’re busy you have to let ur partner know
  4.  no
  5. posting of girls
  6. no sex till the relationship is up too A month or more than
  7. no drinking of alcohol [sic] or smoking
  8. no telling of lies
  9. be romantic, Caring
  10. no talking or chatting with girls anyhow when she is with you”

The lady’s rules and regulations has ignited a lot of speculations online. Some netizens regarded that the list were basic things that should be obtainable for a healthy relationship while others noted it was unwise for the lady to send rules at a talking stage.

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