Former first lady of Rivers state, Eberechi Wike suggests body part amputation for those guilty of defil!ng minors (VIDEO)

Former first lady of Rivers State and a judge of the Rivers State High Court, Eberechi Wike, has called for a drastic measure to combat the rising cases of defilement of minors.

Mrs. Wike made her statement during the 2nd National Conference of Family Court Judges, Magistrates, and other Family Court Practitioners held in Port Harcourt, the state capital.

Expressing her concern, Mrs. Wike argued that the current punishment for offenders is not severe enough to serve as a deterrent.

She proposed the amputation of body parts used in the act of defilement as a potential solution to curb the menace.

The judge emphasized that implementing legislation to amputate the finger, mouth, or private parts of the offenders would make them think twice before committing such heinous crimes.

“We should do much more. I think we should do something that will be really drastic, that will make them think twice before they do that.

I cannot think of anything better than having legislation that whatever part of your body you use on a child while defiling the child, that part should be cut off.

If it is your finger, if it is your mouth, if it is your private part. I think men will take it more seriously when you come up with such legislation.

“I hope a man in the house of reps or senate sponsors a bill like that.”  Mrs wike stated

The suggestion made by the former first lady and esteemed judge has sparked discussions and garnered attention from various quarters.

While some have commended her for advocating stronger measures to protect minors, others have expressed concerns about the practicality and implications of such legislation.

The issue of child defilement remains a pressing concern in Nigeria, with cases often going unreported or facing inadequate legal consequences.

Watch the video below:

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