Ghanaian Singer Shatta Bandle Taunts Nigerians Following Super Eagles’ AFCON Defeat Against Ivory Coast – YabaLeftOnline

Ghanaian singer, Shatta Bandle, has taken to social media to taunt Nigerians after the Super Eagles failed to secure the AFCON cup in the final match held on Sunday, February 11.

In a post on his social media handle, Shatta Bandle expressed his amusement at the outcome of the match and offered his consolation to Nigerian fans.

He wrote:

“Sorry my Nigeria brothers and sisters, don’t worry, next time I will go myself and bring it.”

However, Shatta Bandle’s attempt to jest was met with a swift response from a Nigerian commenter who decided to mock the Ghanaian singer’s height.

He replied:

“See this one wey no tall reach afcon cup sef wan dey drag Nigerians…sha no go stand outside make Eagle no carry you”


The exchange between Shatta Bandle and the Nigerian commenter has garnered attention and sparked conversations among fans from both countries.

Shatta Bandle, known for his humorous persona and self-proclaimed status as the “youngest billionaire,” often shares playful and sometimes controversial posts on social media.

His latest comment aimed at Nigerians after the AFCON final is no exception.

His jesting has Incited continuous banter between Ghanaian and Nigerian fans online, such interactions are part of the friendly rivalry that exists between the two neighboring countries.


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