“Height doesn’t define love” – Man goes viral for proposing to his fiancée despise noticeable height difference (WATCH) – YabaLeftOnline

The trending video of a man proposing to his tall girlfriend has trailed mixed reaction online. The height difference between the lovers stunned netizens online that one’s height doesn’t define love.

In the viral video, the lovers were recorded walking towards the decorated space with their friends and well wishers present. The space was decorated in style with marry me light up letters, balloon bouquet, rose petals and decorative lights to mesmerize the environment and set a romantic moment for the lovers.

The lovers were celebrated and congratulated after the lady accepted her man’s marriage proposal.

Revealing in the video, the lady lowered herself down to her man’s height in order to exchange kiss and hugs.

The viral proposal video have raise a lot of opinions on the man’s choice of woman with the noticeable height difference between him and his girlfriend.

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@_dubbie__Short people must be going through a lot, imagine going viral cause you are short

@de_cake_pavillion The Lady’s height doesn’t matter if the Man’s gene 🧬 is strong! My Father is a short man and My Mum get height but none of her girls took her height😢 We just brief anyhow 😂

@flossy_miju He doesn’t even need to kneel down

@winsarch She brought height to the table 😂, 🥂🎉 congratulations to them

@fayzempire Short men and doings

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