“He’s lying; it wasn’t an allergy; he begged me countless times to come back” – Lil Frosh’s ex girlfriend, Cute Geminme – YabaLeftOnline

Nigerian video vixen and content creator, Cute Geminme has told her version of the story, claiming that the swelling on her face was caused by maltreatment rather than an allergy and that he had repeatedly urged her to make up.

Recall that the former DMW signee took to the internet to deny any truth to the rumours that he had abused his lover, Cute Gemini.

He insisted that her swelling was caused by an allergy and that his ex-girlfriend had attempted to use the ruse to frame him.

Cute Gemini responded to Lil Frosh’s statement in a video she shared on her Instagram page with pictures of bruises.

In an effort to patch things up, she said he had been bugging her, texting her, and making calls.

She provided audio messages as proof of his threats against her friends, displaying his aggressive demeanour.

She further stated that the internal bleeding from the assault she received from Lil Frosh was the cause of her enlarged face.

She wrote;

“I’m deeply sorry to everyone that I’ve let down , He made a statement saying I disrespected his mum, i will like to put this out there that I have never disrespected her in any way even when the whole situation was going on, the only time I met his mum was when she came to plead for him, here is the absolute truth , please watch the video till the end.”

Watch the video below.

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