Hit And Run: Motorist Accuses Driver Of Fatally Knocking Down A Girl On Ojota BRT Lane And Fleeing (VIDEO) – YabaLeftOnline

A shocking incident unfolded on the Ojota BRT lane in Lagos state as a motorist accused a driver of hitting and killing a girl before fleeing the scene, capturing the attention of social media users through a viral video.

The video, shared online by user @NeonAdejo, shows the motorist pursuing the alleged perpetrator, who was driving a Lexus car.

The person recording the video claimed that the driver had struck the victim and fled without offering any assistance.

Desperate for justice, he urged Nigerians to tag the relevant authorities in hopes of bringing the suspect to justice.

In response to the incident, the Lagos State Traffic Management Agency (LASTMA) has appealed to the public for additional information regarding the hit-and-run incident.

Authorities are actively seeking witnesses or anyone with relevant details to come forward and assist with the investigation.

As the search for the accused driver continues, the incident as gained much attention from netizens online.

here are some reactions from viewers:

@official_ose007 reacts Hopefully they will get time… em face don show…. Thank you bro for making the video… You nor go pass road the day wen road nor good.🙌

@glowriavlogs reacts Guilty face with no emotions! Hope he get apprehended

@iam.kulgee reacts The police has everything they need to follow up on this. Only problem is that the Nigerian police will most likely not catch him

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