How cruel human beings are – Dani Alves’ brother reacts to suicide rumours


Dani Alves’ brother has hit out an Internet prankster, Paulo Albuquerque, who claimed Dani Alves committed suicide in prison.

The rumours that the 40-year-old killed himself in jail went viral overnight.

Alves’ press advisor, Acaz Felleger, has said they were considering legal action against Albuquerque over his post on social media.

Albuquerque had tweeted: “The information I’m receiving is that Daniel Alves has killed himself.”

Hours later, he posted again: “People, for the love of God, what sort of repercussion is this?

“I was referring to my cousin Danielzinho from the city of Nova Iguacu who had disappeared, but has now been found alive.”

Alves’ brother Ney, whose brother has been handed a four-and-half-year jail sentence, said in a furious Instagram Live response:

“How cruel human beings can be!”


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