“I am blessed to have him” – Lady shares heartwarming note her husband left before leaving for work

A Nigerian lady has come online to share the heartwarming note her husband dropped for her in the kitchen before leaving for work.

The lady identified as @beadbystacy15, posted the pictures on her TikTok page showing the handwritten note with some cash her husband left for her.

Her husband wrote the note to appreciate her efforts in the family, he promised to give her the splendor treatment she deserved as his wife someday. In another note, he instructed her to use the cash to buy herself a chilled cup of parfait to brighten her day.

He wrote;

“Thanks for all that you do for me & the kids. Thanks for all you do to make my life easier. Someday, I promise to give you that Baby Girl treatment you deserve. But in the meantime, use this to get you a chilled cup of parfait. I LOVE YOU HONEY”

The lady stated she woke up early to get the kids ready for school and found the note her hubby dropped for her. She has been grinning so hard.

She revealed the notes and cash online to acknowledge how caring her husband is and also added that she is blessed to have him as her husband.

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