“I believe that I am the biggest actor in Africa” – Timini


Popular Nollywood actorTimini Egbuson has proclaimed himself to be the greatest performer to have emerged from Africa.

The Nollywood “bad boy” said that he has been acting steadily for 15 years, has never fallen off, and has influenced many upcoming performers.

He brags that he rectified the lack of main parts for young actors in Nigerian cinema before entering the business, having previously been a guest on the Menisms Podcast.

According to Timini, his accomplishments in Nollywood over the past 15 years should be sufficient to make him the most successful actor in Africa.

He said;

“I have been acting for 15 years consistently. I’ve never had a time off or fall off for 15 years consistently. I believe that I genuinely opened up the way for a lot of new school young actors. I also believe that I opened up the leading male young actor category.

And I said that very humbly because when I joined Nollywood, there were no lead roles for young men. You either had to be an old man or a lady. All the young men that were acting were playing minor roles.

Nobody was actively writing lead roles for young men. If you put everything that I’ve accomplished together, I believe that I am the biggest actor in Africa.”


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