I can’t share my man – Actress Grace-Charis Bassey rejects polygamy – YabaLeftOnline

Nollywood actress, Grace-Charis Bassey formerly known as Belinda Effah, has stated that she would never be able to share her man with another woman.

The Nollywood actress disclosed that she was raised in a polygamous household and that she is not interested in having a second or third wife.

She stated that while she has no issue with individuals being in polygamous partnerships, she does not support their values and personal convictions.

Bassey said; “My private life is not anybody’s business, but when it is time (for marriage), you will hear. I am a very private person, and I don’t put my life out there. People have been pressured into marriage, and they ended up regretting it; so I owe nobody any explanation regarding my life.

I am from a polygamous home, and it is not something I want to relive. Based on my experience, it is not something I look forward to. I don’t want to share the attention of my man with any other woman. I don’t criticise people who are married to polygamists; it is just that we all have our beliefs.”

The actress said that because she was picky about the productions she participated in, she had not been in as many films as she had previously.

She said; “I have been calm for a while, trying to be selective. I don’t want to be everywhere. However, I have an announcement to make soon about how I intend to be working. I sincerely apologise to my fans.

I have been getting a lot of messages from people who have not been seeing me frequently on their screens. I usually tell them that I am still an actor, but I am choosy about the roles I take.”

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