“I was approached to be an international drug peddler” – Okey Bakassi


Veteran Nigerian comedian, Okey Bakassi, has disclosed that he received offers to sell narcotics both in Nigeria and overseas.

Bakassi revealed this during an interview with Channels TV, when he described how con artists and drug dealers tried to sway him with alluring promises.

The Nollywood actor stated that one should anticipate being contacted with such proposals and deals as a performer in Nigeria.

Bakassi claims that despite the lucrative nature of the drug trade, he turned down the offer out of respect for the law.

He also mentioned how those involved would appear in a celebrity’s hotel room and begin discussing drug sales as if it were a regular business that “everyone does.”

He said,

“When I came to Lagos as a young man, I was tempted by different people in so many ways. And I’m talking about fraudsters and drug dealers.

I was approached. When you are in entertainment, you will be approached to peddle drugs. I have been approached overseas, I have been approached in Nigeria by drug dealers.

They will just show up in your hotel and talk business. They will tell you other people who are doing it and making money. But it is dangerous.

For me, I want to be able to sleep well without being afraid of the police or any law enforcement agencies. So I have tried from day one to keep things simple and be happy.”


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